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Muc-Off B.A.M Inflate & Repair

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MUC-OFF breakdown spray BAM! | 125 ml
The MUC-OFF BAM pumps and repairs tire damage quickly and simultaneously by injecting latex foam and air into your tires or tube .
BAM is the perfect emergency safety device that can be attached to your bike frame with the new all-purpose harness or carried in your jersey. Compatible with road, MTB bikes and most tubeless sealants. Fills a 29 inch MTB tire in less than a minute and can seal holes up to 4 mm in diameter.
Technical specifications:
intended use : emergency safety on the go
Sealing: seals cracks and punctures up to 4 mm
Container: spray can
Dangerous goods: extremely flammable aerosol
Contents: 125 ml
Weight according to the manufacturer: not specified
Weight weighed: 125g
Code: 20032