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Srixon Men's Rain All Weather Golf Gloves Right Left Both Handed Golf Glove Black

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Srixon Men's Rain All-Weather Golf Gloves Right Left Both Handed Golf Glove Black
  • Features high-grade Cabretta leather with Lycra inserts on the fingers in its gloves to position with a comfortable fit on the hand flexibility.
  • The new Srixon rain glove guarantees golfers the expression of optimal breathability, comfort, and flexibility in difficult playing conditions.
  • Microfiber suede palm provides unparalleled grip in wet or damp weather, ensuring maximum control and feel in difficult conditions.
  • The Srixon rain gloves are made with an advanced quick-dry knitted material on the back of the hand to rain and fight moisture
  • They come in a pair so you get 2 gloves to grip the club within wet weather conditions.
  • The wetter they get the better they perform as they get enhanced grip as they get wet.
  • Play All Year Round
  • Wetter The Better
  • Superb Value
  • Latest Model

Product Code: S0081703 , GGG-1337i