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Volvik Vimat Soft Green Golf Balls

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For Beginners And Mid-Level Golfers
Optimal Soft Feel with Incredibly Low 55-Compression
Most Consistent and Stable Ball Flight by Icosidodecahedron 372-dimple Pattern
Low Initial Driver Spin Enhanced Maximum Distance
Perfect Putting Feel with Enhanced Ball Control and Spin around Greens
The Volvik Vimat Golf Ball is a low compression golf ball which is ideal for beginner and Mid Level Golfers.
Extremely stylish pastel colour range with a matt finish
Soft Feel
Golfers will enjoy the extremely soft feel and increased accuracy
Consistent Flight
Consistent and stable flight with patented Volvik Dimple Design
Outstanding durability and Playability with new Volvik Ionomer Cover
High Performance
Slices & hooks reduced by a design to lessen side spin

Code: VV0000430